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We reached our 100th addition on May 1, 2004*

*We reached our 200th addition on April 1, 2006*

*We reached our 300th addition on Feb. 23, 2008*

*We reached our 400th addition on Jan. 23, 2010*

*We reached our 500th addition on Dec. 24, 2011*

*We reached our 600th addition on Nov. 23, 2013*

*We reached our 700th addition on Oct. 24, 2015*

*We reached our 800th addition on Sept. 23, 2017*

The Squamidian Report is a small newsletter that got started when I realized I was sending the same Email to several different people. Once that dawned on me I figured I could save time by writing a little less specific and a bit more generic.

By early 2003 we include columns written by other people scattered right across the country. Each writer is free to submit whatever they want; I do not make any changes to their work.

My readership is slowly growing. The very fact that you are reading this page means you are probably on it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be ‘here’ in the first place. Buried under the ‘date’ links at the top are the past issues. Feel free to check them out if you have time to kill and you don’t put too much value on that time.

Something to keep in mind, some links in some of the older issues may point to pages that no longer exist as those target pages may have been for temporary purposes.

There is one thing I must point out. The articles in these issues are the sole property of the persons who wrote them and must be treated as such.