Original Songs
These are my creations.

These songs have been written by me, arranged and recorded by me.
All vocals and instrumentation is by me.
Hope you enjoy.

 !!!!!Just so you know !!!!!
All of these songs are copyrighted and registered. They are MY property, I OWN them.
They can be listened to for personal enjoyment but can not be reproduced without consent.
If you would like to play or sing any of these numbers you must first contact me for permission.
Contact Email can be found HERE.

Volume 1

The O Five Six

Can't Think Of Anything To Play

The Trail On The Ridge

Wish You Were Here

November Rains

We Ride Along

Forty Years Together

The Old Farm

That Big Old Road

A Dog's Life

The Circle Turns

Volume 2

Mosey Along

Peaks Against The Sky

Kyra's Song (Grandpa's Little Girl)

Squamish Wind

I Tried To Write A Love Song

Night Time In The Mountains

Morning Sun

Volume 3


These Days I Really Hate To Fly

The Forests Burn

Playing To The Night

I've Never Been A Cowboy

The Sun Comes Shining Through

Well, Hey There

There's A World Out There

Here We Go Again

If It Only Rained At Night

Come On Baby

Full Moon Tonight

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