Oyster Run '08
Anacortes, Washington

Sept 26-27-28 /08... The neighbours and us popped down to the Anacortes Oyster Run bike rally. The mornings were cool, the afternoons were hot and the riding was great. We left Squamish in mid morning and took our time touring the Lower Mainland, then crossed the border just south of Abbotsford. There was and hour backup but we finally got through. Clear sailing after that. Here's the neighbours geared up and ready to go.

We stayed at a motel in Mt Vernon and used that as a base for touring the of Putet Sound area. One of our toots around the area took us over to Fidalgo Island (were Anacortes is located) and then over a high bridge spanning Deception Pass on to Whidbey Island.

The waters of the Pass were rushing inland as the tide moved in. This pic looks west toward the San Juan Island in centre field and Vancouver Island low on the left.

We took a ferry from Whidbey Island back over to the mainland. That brought us out north of Seattle. We are used to expensive BC ferry price rates and therefore found the cost of just $3.50 for a bike and two riders to be wonderfully inexpensive. Gotta lover touring through the States.

A peek at the bikes down on the car deck.

We were in Anacortes and parked by about 9Am Sunday morning and already the town was filling up.

Bikes filled the whole main drag, including down the centre of the street, then spilled out onto every side street.

The whole time we were there, bikes kept arriving into town.

This pic shows what the highway into town looked like, an endless paraded of bikes, three or four deep. The background rumble shook the ground.

We had parked on a grocery store parking lot that had marked off a section for bikes. By the time we left at about noon you could barley walk down the lanes. We rode back over to the mainland near Burlington and then headed north for home. We were on the road for 3/4 hours before we were clear of the endless columns of bikes heading to the Run.

We crossed back into Canada at the Peace Arch crossing and it only took about 2 minutes to go through customs. Two hours later we were home.