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  *I used to show a lot of motorcycleing pictures here but there's not
much interest in that anymore so now its just the Squamidian and my music.*

The Squamidian Reports

This is where you can find the past and current issues of the Squamidian Report. The report is a small weekly Email news letter that evolved from corespondance with friends spread all across the country and beyond. There are now almostr  900 issues, spanning 18 years or so.

The Squamidian Reports

Original Music

After retiring a few years ago, I engaged in a new hobbie, writing, arranging and recording my own, original music.
I'm not sure I want to share my creations with anyone outside my personal circle of friends but after
thinking about it, I've decided to share them. FOR NOW. If this link disappears it is because I've changed my mind.
Original Music

 !!!!! Just so you know !!!!!

All of these songs are copyrighted and registered. They are MY property, I OWN them.
They can be listened to for personal enjoyment but can not be reproduced without consent.
If you would like to play or sing any of these numbers you must first contact me for permission.
Contact info can only be obtained in person due spammers.!